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Counseling Services

At JUELZ House Inc, we offer compassionate and confidential counseling services tailored to the unique needs of individuals aged 15 to 35 facing mental health challenges. Our licensed and experienced counselors provide a safe space for open dialogue, guiding individuals towards resilience and well-being. Through a combination of traditional and innovative therapeutic approaches, we aim to empower individuals to navigate life's complexities and build a foundation for lasting mental health.

Job Training Programs

Empowering individuals with the skills and confidence needed to succeed in the workforce is a core component of our mission. Our job training programs are designed to equip participants with practical skills, industry-specific knowledge, and professional development opportunities. Whether it's honing technical skills or cultivating soft skills, we are committed to preparing individuals for meaningful and sustainable employment.

Job Offering Initiatives

Connecting individuals with employment opportunities is a crucial step towards fostering independence and stability. JUELZ House Inc collaborates with local businesses and organizations to create job placement opportunities for our program participants. By forging partnerships with employers, we seek to bridge the gap between talent and opportunity, ensuring that individuals not only receive training but also find fulfilling employment suited to their skills and aspirations.

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We are dedicated to transforming lives by addressing mental health challenges and providing practical pathways to personal and professional growth. Our comprehensive services aim to create a foundation for long-term success, resilience, and fulfillment.